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CROME Web Reports

Welcome to CROME Web Reports. Through this web page you can quickly access all pre-processed CROME reports.

Select a Report: The upper right portion of the screen shows a list of available reports separated into folders. There are the reports that have been chosen by the CROME administrator to be produced on a regular basis and stored on the web server.

Select a Date: The upper left portion is a calendar picker. Select the desired date of the report, and the white "date box" below it will fill in with the selected date. Alternatively, you can type the date directly into the box.

Note that for days in which the pre-processed reports are available (for the selected report and filter), the calendar will show the date in blue. If it's not available for that day, it will be in red.

View Report Click the "View Report" button to view the report. The report will appear in a new window, or the same window depending on your choices (see below).

Where to view the report. The choice on the right of the "View Report" button lets you specify where the requested report will appear:

  • in another window. This means the program will pop up a new browser window to show the desired report, and the program will continue to use this new browser window over and over as you request more reports. CAUTION: if you view a report in a new window, and then MINIMIZE that new window, subsequent reports will appear in that MINIMIZED window and you may not notice that they are showing up!
  • always in new window. This means that the a new browser window will be created for every report you request.
  • in this window. This means the browser will jump to the new page in this same window. You will then need to go "back" in the browser to request another report.

Initially view as. This choice allows you to specify the initial view of the desired report:

  • Graph
  • Result Set
  • Raw Data
  • Formulas (showing names of subformulas)
  • Flat Formulas (expanding and flattening all subformulas)
  • Report Info

Note that once you bring up the report on the new webpage, you can subsequently change the "view" without having to go back to this applet.

The Filter. This is the choice to the left of the white "date box". It specifies which version of the report to pull up, based on some known filters. Some examples include:

  • Day Report by Hour -- a report spanning one whole day, broken up by hour
  • Week Report by Day -- a report spanning one whole week, starting on the selected day, broken up by day
  • Month Report by Day -- a report spanning one whole month, starting on the selected day, broken up by day
  • Day Report by Element -- a report spanning one whole day, broken up by network element (i.e., if this is an EBTS level report, it will be broken up by EBTSs)

Note each report is only available with its associated filters (not all reports use all filters) as configured by the CROME administrator. The CROME admin staff will add reports and filters to this list as desired.

In general, this capability (i.e., WWW publishing) is merely a convenience for those individuals that do not wish to use the CROME client application. However, static web-based reports are useful for publishing information as desired to exernally visable web sites for customers, where you may wish to limit the information presented.

Furthermore, Quantum plans to incorporate this new report-picking Java technology into future releases of its DOME product. For complete ad-hoc reporting (including these and other reports), please use the CROME client application or applet, available via the "Download" or "Run in browser" choices from the main page.


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