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CROME on Wireless Phones CROME Wireless Performance Management

View CROME data on Wireless Smart Phones

QuantumSI provides a access on to CROME via any device we keep up with the times and provide full support on the newest generation of smart phones.

Features such as powerful real-time variance reporting mechanism via any phone allow field technicians to both view and also analyze current performance issues.

View CROME data on Legacy Phones

No matter how you need to access your data Quantum's agile development methodology has you and your company's needs covered now and in the future.

It's a bit hard to believe that this WAP/HDML phone application (below) was the 'bleeding' edge of web based technology available to mobile uses on the phone around the year 2000.

QuantumSI pioneered the development of phone applications via WAP/HDML interfaces back in the 90's, of course back then the original web browser was NCSA Mosaic, Javascript didn't exist, and Windows didn't support TCP/IP without a third party product.

Things sure do change, you can rest assured that is the one constant.


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