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Fault Management CROME Wireless Performance Management

Performance Alarms for Fault Management

The CROME system provides a real-time PM variance Open Reporting API for integration into to any consuming application including many OSS Fault Engines. CROME has been integrated directly into the following third party Fault Management (FM) systems.

CROME's integration into NETCOOL and netEXPERT is as simple as writing a few rules for each product to process CROME's easily parseable data stream. For HP OpenView, QuantumSI provides a custom high performance HPOV agent. QuantumSI customers have been able to plug CROME into their Fault systems in a matter of hours. Other future FM system can also be quickly be supported using the CROME Open Reporting API.

This same real-time out of variance information is also available though specilized Quantum applications through the following methods which also rely on Quantum's open PM variance Open Reporting API:

Third Party Fault Engine Integration

HP OpenView Operations

Below is a screen shot from a live customer installation of HP Openview, use for an entire nation's fault management. The "crome" alerts shown come directly from the CROME real time variance stream, via a QuantumSI supplied CROME HPOV "agent".

Agilents' netEXPERT

Below is another vender's fault engine, Agilent's netEXPERT, also used with reports and thresholds made to the exact requirements and specifications of a national carrier.

Micromuse's NETCOOL

Below are screen Images from CROME after being integrated into the Micromuse Netcool®, another fault management environment.

Please note the power of the CROME Open Reporting API. This initial Netcool integration task was accomplished by a non-developer from Micromuse in a few hours via simple E-mail instructions (i.e. no manual was required).


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