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Advanced TCP/IP Tuning QuantumSI Advanced TCP/IP Tuning Analysis

This page will run the 'Argonne National Laboratory Web100 based Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT)' Located at Argonne - IL; 1000 Mbps (Gigabit Ethernet) network connection This java applet was developed to test the reliability and operational status of your desktop computer and network connection. It does this by sending data between your computer and this remote NDT server. These tests will determine:

It can also identify 2 serious error conditions:

The test below takes about 20 seconds. Click on "start" to begin. However you may be queued for up to five minutes.


FAIL - Java was not found or you have an incompatable version please vist download http://java.com and download a JRE.

Were sorry but this Applet is not code signed, as such new versions of Java will not work unless your security is turned off in the Java control panel


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